Tummy Tightening Tips

The core is a made up of a whole series of muscles, beginning with the area just under your pecs and tracking down to the pelvis. The core also makes up some back muscles and other muscle groups throughout the torso. A tight core equals an all around strong physique and a healthy body. Once you've built that strength, you can also learn how to maintain it. Here are some tips for If you want to learn to tighten your core.


  1. Detox 
  • tea/probiotics
  • sauna 
  • fasting
  • Workout 
  • resistant training 
  • cardio
  • Eat Real food
  • organic -fresh 
  • cook at home
  • Bloating 
  • Waist Train 
  • posture
    • posterior hip tilt 
    • anterior hip tilt
  • portion control 

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