Carbohydrates are the chief source of energy for ALL body functions. Carbs is what helps you digest your food aka proteins and fats. Carbs = Energy. Carbs have fiber, unlike proteins and fats.

Carbs are either complex or simple. Complex carbs are unprocessed. (ex: rice, potatoes, corn, most veggies) They take longer to breakdown and are great before a workout like weightlifting. Simple carbs are usually processed like (fruit juices, honey, molasses). They are good after workouts to replenish what u just lost in your workout. They Also breakdown fast and give you quick energy.

Carbs digest within 1 hour unless taken with proteins or fats. Carbs are suppose to be 45-65% of your caloric intake. Complex carbs are broken down into glucose (most abundant sugar in the body) and then into glycogen which is stored in the muscles for fuel. Leftovers get stored as fat. For every gram of carbohydrates, your body stores 2.7 grams of water.

This is why diets low in carbohydrates = lost of glycogen = losing water weight.

As soon as u eat carbs again (which is needed to digest proteins and fats), all that water weight comes back.
Carbs are soo important! Please donโ€™t take them out your diet completely ๐Ÿ™ƒ

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