Beat The Quarantine 15 - Nutrition Tips

1. Add more fats to your diet


Helps keep you fuller for a longer period of time

Helps your body absorb nutrients

Fats produce important hormones

 Avocados, olive oil, nuts

 Monounsaturated Fat > Trans Fat

2. Takes Your Vitamins

 Helps us get the micronutrients we don't get from our diets 

Helps promote strong bones and teeth

3. Eat your weight in protein

Protein builds and repairs tissue

Helps build muscles, bones, and skin

4. Drink Amino Acids

Protein breaks down into amino acids

Helps build and repair muscles

Helps regulate the immune system

5. Drink tea

Tea contains antioxidants that help reduce heart disease, cancer, diabetes

Aids in meal digestion

My favorite type of tea is lemon & ginger

6. Eat sweets after eating ‘real meals’

Sweets kill your appetite. Always want to eat something with some sort of nutrition value first.

7. NEED a late night snack? Eat protein

Helps repair, muscles

Cheese, milk, peanut butter, hummus

8. EAT complex carbs before being active.

Carbs give you energy to perform

Oats, beans, potatoes

9. EAT small balanced meals every 2-4 hours.

This helps you to not over eat or under eat

This helps keep increase metabolism

Which helps burn more fat.

If you don't eat often enough, your body will go into starvation mode and start storing fat and burning muscle.

10. Eat a fruit or vegetable with every meal

Get micronutrients organically through your diet

Keeps the body hydrated.

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